It’s Official Every Australian Can Now Afford Real Dental Thanks To $26 Smiles

If your like most Australians and have health cover which when it comes to dental is nothing short of a disgrace. We all pay out more and more to greedy fat health insurance companies for what? Nothing if you really get sick your better off in the public system as the private system is only money hungry and not health conscious.

It’s all a lies, pie in the sky stuff you pay, pay, pay and one day when you go to call upon your health insurance and you get a rude surprise, it’s called hidden excesses and oh sorry your only covered for this much not that much you will need to pay a gap that will leave you with more than a gap in your pocket and peace of mind.

Well at we have recognized a gap bigger than bugs bunnies front teeth. We have recognised teh three major factors that stop people visiting a dentist are;

  1. Time
  2. Pain
  3. Cost

You can see how we are helping put the smiles back on all Australians faces with great value dental big discounts payment plans what more could you ask for?

Visit today for a bigger smile tomorrow.