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Apart of the PPL process is making sure your website is Fully Responsive and has an exciting design that keeps your potential clients on your site. We look at other important issues when it comes to having a website, like making sure it is W3C Compliant, meaning it has all the necessary requirements that the search engines look for when giving your website a position.

Here at PPL we believe there at 4 major components when building a website and we stick by these to generate more leads for your business.

  1. A Solid Layout - The importance of having a good foundation applies to just about everything in life. If the foundation is wrong, everything that is put on top of it will probably fail.
  2. Effective Typography - Just like layout, typography plays an important role in how a user digests the content of a website. It’s important for a web design’s typography to be easy to read and follow while establishing structure and hierarchy within the content.
  3. The Right Colour Scheme - Choosing the right colour scheme is extremely important, because it will set the mood of your design more so than any other component.
  4. Appropriate Design Elements - Design Elements play a big role in setting the mood of the design.
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Stage 2 of the PPL Process is putting the website design to good use. There is no point in having a great looking website with all the factors to engage a user if the user can't find it. We have a process that we attack in 3 stage, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and Pay Per Click. Using these 3 tools we can help grow your business more rapidly then you ever thought possible.

  • SEO is one of the biggest traffic drivers to your website. More than 90% of your visitors will come from a keyword search on a search engine of some kind so how do we push these visitors to you. We take into account Geographical Location of your customers and target geolocated keywords eg "web design gold coast" We also take into account the most powerful keywords to bring in the most traffic, as well as do a competitor analysis to make sure we are always on top of your competition.
  • Social Media Marketing comes in so many different variations and platforms, you have Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram and much more. We work out a Social Media Strategy that is right for your business not all social platforms will work for you and we work this out. We pump our own money into Ad Campaigns to generate you leads. That's how confident we are in our strategies.
  • PPC also known as Pay Per Click. This is the ads or sponsored links that now only will you find on Google but other websites that allow these advertising spots. We specially target your audience with a variety of Text and Banner Ads that will grab their attention and create you more leads. Again we put our own money into these campaigns and generate you more and more leads every week!
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At PPL we want to help your business grow! We know you will be so happy, not only with the quality of lead that we provide but the quantity as well.

We will sit with you and look at a marketing plan that is right for your business based on the first two steps of the PPL process. We will give you an estimate on how many leads per month we can generate you and your business based on a variety of factors including, searches per month, demographic and target audience.

Once this is all established we work out a price per lead that works both for you and for our marketing plans and put it all into place.

PPL will be sending you leads within a week of you starting the campaign and the best part about this all.


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